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Мобильная версия интернет-офиса

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Dear Customer!

Entrance to Internet- Office is a username and password . To receive them , go to Registration in the system .
Safety Precautions:

∙ When you enter personal information , remember that any web address (URL) in the address bar should begin with "https". "S" means "secure" ( protected) . If the address is not specified "https", it means that you are on an unprotected Web site , and you can not enter data .

∙ Never, under any circumstances, do not tell anyone their passwords to log on to the Internet or office to confirm payments.

∙ In case you lose your mobile phone, which receives SMS-message with a one-time password , immediately lock the SIM-card .

∙ Be aware that in cases of suspected fraud must be as fast as possible to report the incident to the bank in order to promptly block access !